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From on the spot pastel drawing
by Prabal Pramanik

Bien que n’étant pas parisien, j’aime Paris à ma façon, et de même qu’on aime les gens avec leurs défauts, j’aime Paris sous toutes ses coutures, ses lumières et ses zones d’ombre, ses joies et ses peines, dans toutes les nuances de son humeur.

Though I am not at all a Parisian, I love Paris in my own way, and as we accept those we love with all their faults and shortcomings, I accept and love Paris as I find it, with the glitter and darkness, with laughter and sorrow, in many moods and tones.
-Prabal Pramanik

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Dédicace : ce site Web est dédié à Madame Marion VuDinh, dont l'attention affectueuse et la considération a créé pour cet artiste indien un lien éternel entre les deux cultures.

Dedication : This web site is dedicated to dear and respected Mother, Madam Marion VuDinh whose loving care and consideration for this Indian artist created an everlasting bond between two cultures.


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On the spot drawing
by Prabal Pramanik


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Artist Prabal Pramanik

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On 4th July 2000, I left for France. This was my second visit to this country. My first visit was in June 1992, When I had taken a large amount of pictures on Devasthana Kala (Indian paper Cutting Art) with me. I held exhibitions and demonstration at two museums in Paris and returned after introducing the little known art of Indian paper cutting to the Parisian Public.
This second trip to France gave me an opportunity to explore the possibilities of a unique cultural exchange through a traditional form of art that not only has a history reaching back hundreds of years but having a base of time honored oriental philosophy little known in modern western life. It was an experimentation of the globalization of not only ancient art techniques but also of certain creative evaluation that allowed me to judge the level of psychic acceptance of traditional values in modern society. I was interested to see whether this form of art which has a powerful language of its own appealed in its true philosophy to people of a different age and culture. I was aware that this experimentation would have a significant influence in the cultural exchange promoting east-west understanding in the new millennium.
This time in the year 2000 I had the more open access to the art of Paris. I traveled to many interesting places also such as Britanny, Dordogne, Lille. Wherever I went I made pen and ink studies which served not only as a pictorial record of these places I visited but also provided me with art works to be used later. I held four exhibitions and three shadow puppet shows in Paris at Maison de L' Inde, Cite Universitaire, Paris , Les Comptoirs De L' Inde, Paris and Votre Monde Asie, Paris.
During these exhibitions I also had the chance to interact with many artists and art loving people there. Moreover some French artists, poets & photographers exchanged their views with me during my visits to their Studios.
The Universal language of art surpassed the limitations of language and friends acting as interpreters ensured proper understanding between different cultures.
France has excellent museums, very well preserved and I was pleased to visit quite a few of them. Old castles, stone-age spiritual places, wooded hills, impressive churches and the Atlantic sea shore gave me ample subjects of interest for the sketch books I carried with me.
During my first visit to France I made 24 on the spot studies of people and places of PARIS. These I had displayed at the Alliance Francaise of Chandigarh long ago . Besides these, at that time I had made paper cut outs of people as I saw them in daily life in Paris.
In 1992 the city of Paris formed the main focus of my trip while in this trip (year 2000) I had a better and more varied understanding of France through some visits to the provinces. The poems of Paris were written during my stay in France.
I would like to thank all the people who helped to make my visit to France possible and to make my stay there a most enjoyable and memorable one.
- Prabal Pramanik


Paris de Prabal

Ce site Web est un pont culturel entre an artiste indien et Paris, une ville en France qui aime I'art.
Ce pont quoiqu'une relation individuelle, a crée un impact significatif sur le monde culturel.
Ce lien personnel a de considérables retombées positives dans le monde culturel.
Ce site Web fait partie d'une approche multidimensionnelle pour construire ce pont par I'intermédiaire de l'art.
La joie d'apreciation de l'art se répand à travers ce site Web. Une meilleure compréhension internationale et une approche sensible envers I'humanité sont atteintes par de tels projets.
Les amoureux d'art en France sont peut-être curieux de connaître le regard d'un artiste indien sur la France et I'expression de son point de vue dans une manière créatrice.
Moi, Prabal Pramanik, an artiste d'lnde qui présente son journal illustré de ses visites en France souhaiterait connaître I'opinion de ceux qui visitent mon site Web.
Prabal Pramanik

Paris of Prabal

This web site is a cultural bridge between an Indian artist and Paris, an art loving city in France.
This bridge is an individual relationship, yet it has created a significant impact in the cultural world.
This personal bond has far reaching and positive implications in the cultural world. This web site is a part of the multidimensional approach to build this bridge through art.
The joy of art appreciation spreads through this web site. Better international understanding and a more sensitive approach towards humanity is achieved through projects such as this.
The art loving people of France may be interested to know how an Indian artist viewed France and expressed his view point in creative manner.
I Prabal Pramanik, an artist from India, who is presenting the pictorial diary of my visits to France would like to know the opinion of the people who visit my web site.
Prabal Pramanik


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Madam Marion VuDinh's garden, Suresnes
On the spot drawing
by Prabal Pramanik

To mother in her garden in Suresnes

On grassy carpet green,
Under the cherry tree,
Time stood on toe tips,
For you, Kim and me.
In life's colourful journey long,
A tune in a soothing song,
In a bond of love so subtle but strong,
From a land beyond the sea.

From "Thoughts on Paris" by Prabal Pramanik ©


About the artist

Prabal Pramanik is an artist of international repute who has held more than hundred and fifty shows in several countries with honour.

His paper cutting art was especially appreciated at several shows in London and Paris. He has given many demonstrations and lectures at many prestigious institutions such as Musee Guimet, France, Musee Kwok On, France, Benaras Hindu University, India, Allahabad Museum, India, Govt. college of Art & Crafts, Calcutta, Govt. college of art, Chandigarh, Shimla State Museum, India, Sir John Cass Institute of Art and Technology, U.K., Maison de L'Inde, France etc. He has also worked to incorporate this traditional art in the sphere of modern technology by making designs for graphic impression used for hand made card printing and hand printed poster printing.

Prabal Pramanik has also experimented successfully with animation film making, using the paper cutting designs. This is a direct example of incorporating traditional art in the sphere of modern technology.


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